Strengthening of Soil
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Groundbreaking Australian Geogrid Research: Reinforcing Weak Subgrades and Enhancing Flexible Pavements

Strengthening of Soil

We are excited to share the latest findings from our research collaboration with Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Smart Pavements Australian Research Collaboration (SPARC) Hub & Industry Partners. The findings reinforce the fact that geogrids work!

Furthermore, they can SAVE you time and money when building working platforms and permanent flexible pavements.

What are Geogrids?

Geogrids are a type of geosynthetic that is used to reinforce soil. They are made of high-strength plastic and have a grid-like structure. Geogrids work by interlocking with soil particles to provide lateral restraint to resist movement. This in turn increases shear stress resistance, which can improve the performance of a pavement.

Our Latest Research Findings

Our research has shown that geogrids can be used to effectively reinforce extremely weak subgrades. We have developed practical design charts that can be used to save road base materials for a flexible pavement structure using the Austroads CBR approach.
We have also identified knowledge gaps from previous studies and learned from literature reviews of proven field studies using geosynthetics for pavement design.

Benefits of Geogrids for Flexible Pavements

Geogrids have become increasingly popular in recent years because of the many benefits they offer, such as:

  • The ability to interlock with soil particles to provide lateral restraint to resist movement, which in turn increases shear stress resistance.
  • Enhancing the performance of unpaved or paved flexible pavement.
  • Distributing loads more evenly, reducing the risk of rutting and bearing failure.
  • Reducing the initial cost of construction by reducing the sub-base thickness required.
  • Compliance with QLD MRTS 58 – Subgrade Reinforcement using Pavement Geosynthetics.

If you’re looking for a reliable and effective solution for ground improvement using geosynthetic soil reinforcement, click here for more detailed information.

geogrid application collage

Product Selection: Geogrid only

Product CodeDescription
GGPB3030Rigid PP geogrids, 30 kN/m biaxial strength
GGPB4040Rigid PP geogrids, 40 kN/m biaxial strength
GGCB3030Rigid PP composite geogrid, 30 kN/m biaxial strength
GGCB4040Rigid PP composite geogrid, 40 kN/m biaxial strength

Other suitable geogrid products also available in other strength grades and roll sizes for easier and more cost-effective design and installation.
Don’t wait any longer to discover how geogrids can revolutionise your upcoming project. With their ability to save you time and money, geogrids are the perfect solution for your paving endeavours.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you unlock the potential of geogrids.

** The full technical paper may be available upon request:
“Estimating the Overall Modulus/CBR of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Extremely Weak Subgrades” by Ashan Chathuranga Pathirana, QUT.

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geogrid for flexible pavement
geogrid with grid-like structure
flexible pavement structure with geogrid

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