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Modular Soil Vault System: mastaVAULT Mega Tree

Modular Soil Vault

What is mastaVAULT Mega Tree?

mastaVAULT Mega Tree is a modular soil vault system designed to provide trees and plants with the nourishment they need to grow. 

The system is designed to be used in developed environments by providing uncompacted soil within the structure, allowing free root growth and ensuring the plant remains healthy long after the project is completed. 

The modular units are assembled on site, forming a skeletal matrix that supports pavement loads while providing large volumes of uncompacted soil.

Benefits of soil vault systems 

Traditionally, the rock and soil mix used to provide support for pavement permitted limited root growth within the pavement. The mastaVAULT MegaTree System has revolutionised how trees and large plants are supported long-term in the built landscape. 

By entirely replacing the rock (80% of the total volume), the engineered modules provide the structural strength for pavement loads whilst also providing free and uncompacted soil for the tree’s root zone to grow and flourish. The open matrix provides a large growth area for tree roots with over 95% of the internal void volume available for soil and root growth. 

Using a soil vault system such as mastaVAULT Mega Tree helps to positively impact tree growth and fertility, allowing moisture and nutrients to flow through the soil web by keeping the soil aerated and uncompacted. 

Well-structured fertile soil is typically not conducive with applications like streetscaping, car park plantings, and feature trees in paved plazas and pedestrian areas. Traditional direct planting methods serve to hamper tree growth by placing the plant into poor quality compacted subsoil. 

Conversely, soil vaults help civil contractors and landscaping professionals deliver tree planting projects that maintain good soil structure, giving the plant strength and stability. 

Soil vault specifications

mastaVAULT Mega Tree is available in single 600 x 600 x 360mm modules, or double 600 x 600 x 690mm modules. Made from 85% recycled polypropylene and 15% proprietary mix, the product is inert in the soil and unaffected by moulds, algae, soil-borne chemicals, bacteria and bitumen.

Mega Tree products offer excellent vertical and lateral load crush strength with 95% void area, making them lightweight yet robust. 

For further information on our range of tree planting products, get in touch with the technical team at Polyfabrics. 

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