mastaTEX® Concrete erosion control
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Tackling Erosion with mastaTEX® Concrete on a Roll

mastaTEX® Concrete erosion control

What is mastaTEX® Concrete?

mastaTEX® Concrete is a needle-punched composite, made of concrete-sand mix embedded and fixed between two layers of geotextile. This combines the strength of concrete with the flexibility of a geotextile layer. Without the need for slow, premixed concrete processes, mastaTEX® Concrete helps speed up projects and reduce cost. 

One of the main functions of mastaTEX® Concrete is erosion control and protection. 

Erosion control with mastaTEX® Concrete

Where slopes have surface erosion, often caused by surface run-off, weathering, and environmental degradation, mastaTEX® Concrete is the ideal solution. Compared to shotcrete, a non-structural alternative which involves spraying concrete onto primarily vertical surfaces, mastaTEX® Concrete has the advantage as it is faster, cheaper, cleaner, easier to use, and produces less waste. 

In a recent project, mastaTEX® Concrete was used to fix the newly opened Jindabyne ski ramp, repairing the damaged and eroding ramp in a quick and cost-effective manner. 

mastaTEX® Concrete is also an effective measure for erosion protection. On projects near slopes or vertical walls, such as some railway lines or excavated pits, mastaTEX® Concrete can serve as temporary protection to guard the surroundings of a project against erosion in case of bad weather. 

When to use mastaTEX® Concrete

mastaTEX® Concrete is suitable for many applications. These include: 

  • Embankments
  • Replacing Shotcrete
  • Bund Lining
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Mattress Spillways
  • Trenches/Swale Drains

Especially in sites where receiving trucked-in premix concrete is impractical, or remote sites where no local concrete batching plant is available, mastaTEX® Concrete provides contractors with a unique solution for concrete applications. 

How to use mastaTEX® Concrete

mastaTEX® Concrete is ready for use within 24 hours, a shorter initial cure time than traditional concrete. Full strength is achieved after 28 days in typical environmental conditions. The quick 24-hour set time allows you to return to site the next day to continue with other parts of the project, such as installing coir mesh and planting out, without the inconvenience of large slabs of soft, curing concrete.

Installation of mastaTEX® Concrete can be carried out by hand, however the use of a dispensing tool and a front-end loader or similar earthmoving equipment will make the process much easier.  

There are five steps to the installation of mastaTEX® Concrete

  1. Unroll the product
  2. Lay it flat, without any folds
  3. Hydrate joins
  4. Hydrate the entire installation
  5. Leave to cure

mastaTEX® Concrete is the ideal solution for erosion control as it is quickly installed, durable, easily adaptable, and environmentally friendly. 

For further information and technical assistance on our geosynthetic cementitious concrete mat products, contact Polyfabrics on 1300 287 484.

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