Concrete for a roll in a coast council
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Central Coast Council fixes drainage with Mastatex Concrete on a roll

Concrete for a roll in a coast council

The Project

The Old Maitland Road Upgrade project is located near Tuggerah on NSW’s Central Coast. This important connection road is being upgraded to support future growth in the region, including a plan to potentially build a residential development in the township of Mardi. 

This project is still undecided, however existing local residents will benefit from these road safety improvements which include widening of the road shoulder, high friction pavement, better drainage and installation of crash barriers.

The Challenges

Central Coast Council required a quick and affordable option for the planned swale drains alongside the road, with traditional paving methods deemed unsuitable for the area. Some swales were located up to 3m above road level and not easily accessible by plant and equipment. 

A flexible and creative approach was needed to avoid having to bring in concrete pumps and the associated time and cost involved. 

Our Solution

The Polyfabrics team assisted Central Coast Council with our mastaTEX Concrete on a Roll product. This easy-to-handle geotextile is impregnated with a concrete-sand mix that is simply rolled into place and then hydrated with water. 

Much faster and cheaper to install than conventional materials, mastaTEX Concrete on a Roll provides contractors with a unique solution for concrete applications. For projects where receiving trucked-in premix concrete is impractical, or remote sites where no local concrete batching plant is available, mastaTEX Concrete solves geotechnical problems on embankments, trenches and swale drains, helps to stabilise slopes, and can be used for mattress spillways and bund lining. 

Central Coast Council chose to use the 2.5m x 7mm MTC40 material, rolling out the mastaTEX concrete with the use of a dispenser with ease (and minimal labour requirements). Hydration to activate the product was easily achieved with a water cart. 

The result is a solid water diversion swale directing all the runoff from above directly into the water catchment drains. In just two days, the team was able to install and hydrate 400 lineal metres over the pre-graded surface. 

For further information and technical assistance on our geosynthetic concrete mat products, contact the experts at Polyfabrics on 1300 287 484.

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Concrete for a roll in a coast council
Mastatex Concrete for coast council
Concrete Mastatex
efficient drain repair with mastatex concrete roll

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