Concrete Roll With truck and crane
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Concrete on a roll for cost-effective industrial yard solutions

Concrete Roll With truck and crane

Problem Solved with mastaTEX Concrete on a Roll

Project Snapshot

Narellan Pools’ manufacturing facility is located in Picton NSW, on a site that features several eroding rock slopes.

These slopes were being impacted by water runoff, slowly degrading and creating a hazard that could damage the valuable pool stock held in the yard. Narellan Pools needed their contractor to find a stabilising solution that was simple, cost-effective and low maintenance. 


Whilst traditional shotcreting offered a potential fix, it is difficult to apply, messy and required a specialist subcontractor to carry out the work. It would also require a site-specific concrete design and all the associated costs and time that this would involve. In fact, this solution had already been scoped out, with a total cost that was not feasible for Narellan Pools. 

The contractor needed to reduce the cost of the works as the existing project design exceeded the budget. So, the contractor contacted Polyfabrics looking for a minimal maintenance solution for the batter protection that could fit within the client’s needs. 

Our Solution

The Polyfabrics team viewed the site and discussed the range of potential geosynthetic solutions, with mastaTEX Concrete on a Roll coming out as the option that best fitted the client’s needs. 

mastaTEX Concrete on a Roll neatly fit the required specifications, offering cost-effectiveness, ease of installation and immediate supply. 

This unique product is made from a concrete-sand mix embedded and fixed between two layers of needle-punched composite geotextile. It is much faster and cheaper to install than conventional concrete materials – it is simply rolled out and hydrated, then left to dry and harden. 

MastaTEX was in stock at Polyfabrics for immediate delivery, and once installed, it has minimal maintenance requirements. During this project, installation could be easily taken care of using the contractor’s own labour and not a subcontractor for FRP concrete/shotcrete alternatives. 

No expensive bespoke site-specific traditional concrete design was required, and the reduced design allowed the contractor to start the project sooner than planned, allowing the construction timetable to be met and providing a great result for Narellan Pools. 

“The water that runs down the matting runs into the agg line and is dispersed out of the storage area of the pools – keeping the area usable all year round,” notes the contractor. 

mastaTEX Concrete is available in 40MPa in various thicknesses. Take a look at the specifications for concrete on a roll or contact our engineering team for advice, support and fast delivery Australia-wide.

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Concrete Roll With truck and crane
Concrete Roll
Concrete roll applied
Concrete roll with ground on top
Concrete Roll application
mastaTEX Concrete Yard Solution
Concrete Roll Application
Concrete Roll

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