geogrid for timboon landslip risk
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Roadside slope reinforcement to protect from landslip risk

geogrid for timboon landslip risk

The Project

As part of the Victorian Government’s $115 million Inland Routes Program, several landslip sites will be reconstructed, stabilised, and retaining walls built, improving the strength of roads throughout Moyne Shire Council. 

The Timboon-Nullawarre Road Pavement Reconstruction and Landslip Prevention project aims to improve the resilience of several Victorian roads, funding major pavement rehabilitation work using geosynthetic solutions. 

The Challenges

The hilly area is prone to heavy and sustained rainfall, occasionally causing landslips and affecting traffic flow. 

Moyne Shire Council needed a solution to reinforce the roadside slopes that would offer both reliable landslip protection and cost efficiencies for the project. 

Our Solution

To protect the road and reduce the likelihood of potential closures following heavy rainfall events, several Polyfabrics geosynthetics were selected: 

  • mastaGRID 4040 was used to reinforce and stabilise embankments to create a green reinforced soil slope using the ‘over-compaction and trim back’ method and to reinforce the slope
  • mastaGRID 4040GT for embankment stabilisation
  • mastaTEX Non-woven class C geotextiles for subgrade improvement as part of the new road pavement construction, and 

Polyfabrics mastaGRID 4040GT geogrid with 250mm of crushed rock was used to reinforce the subgrade to achieve the design level, which allowed the contractor to successfully construct the designed pavement directly over the reinforced soil embankment.  

Tecmat Jute 750gsm was also used in this project for the final landscaping of the slopes, providing erosion control and an optimum environment for planting.  

The use of Polyfabrics geogrid products resulted in a huge cost savings for the customer, eliminating the need for additional excavation and bringing in imported fill. This also reduced the carbon footprint of the project, as well as offering an easy-to-install product that ensured no project delays.

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Geogrid Reinforcement Timboon-Nullawarre Road

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