Erosion Control Blanket
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Gordon Road

Erosion Control Blanket

Location: Redland Bay, QLD
Contractor: The Landscape Construction Company
Product: TEC Mat® Jute

Project Overview

Led by developer Fettini Homes, this project was a 55-house lot subdivision with a third of the estate allocated to open space. Through the middle of this open space was a drain which collected rain water coming from the estate and filtered it before running into Weinam Creek which in turn runs into Redland Bay.

Polyfabrics Australasia was contracted by The Landscape Construction Company late last year to supply an erosion control product that would stop soil from running into the Weinam Creek which was suited to open drains, to help retain moisture and assist with plant growth.

Key Challenges

The project’s key requirement was to filter excess water running from the houses into the creek. This was a large project that required excessive jute matting to cover 16,000 square metres of the drainage basin. The flowrate of the water was high given that it started at a steep point and flowed downhill into the creek.

The Solution

Polyfabrics supplied the TEC Mat® 750 gsm pre-slit jute mat for this project. This is a biodegradable open weave erosion control mat suitable for erosion protection to batters and open drains. Jute is a traditional erosion control matting that has been used for years in such scenarios. It helps retain moisture effectively and allows water and light infiltration to encourage vegetation growth.

Given the large area, it was important to have a product that was easy to cut and install in order to avoid project delays. The TEC Mat® 750 gsm also comes pre-slit which made it easy to install planters, a key requirement of this project. For additional support to the jute matting, Polyfabrics recommended installing rock slowdowns that would reduce the flow of the water and help the matting to function more effectively.

The Outcome

The TEC Mat® 750 gsm jute mat supplied by Polyfabrics Australasia has held up well to date and is providing excellent erosion protection with zero sediment escaping into Weinam Creek.

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