Chambers Flat Road Widening: Overcoming Soft Subgrade with mastaTEX®

The Chambers Flat Road widening project faced road base compaction challenges due to soft subgrade. Polyfabrics’ innovative range of products provided an effective separation layer, enabling optimal compaction and a strong, durable road surface.

Maximising subgrade stability with mastaGRID® geogrid solution

CPB Acciona JV overcame GeoGrid supply challenges by choosing Polyfabrics. Read how our unmatched supply chain, including extensive inventory and competitive pricing, made us the preferred partner.

Strengthening infrastructure resilience with Geotextile laminated TerraGrid®

Learn how our geotextile laminated Terragrid® played a crucial role in restoring Greens Road after the 2021 floods. With immediate reinforcement and stability, our high-strength solution overcame soft spots in the subgrade, allowing uninterrupted progress.

Getting it done for the Western Sydney Airport Project

We thrive on challenges, so when CPB Acciona JV approached us for geotextile materials for the Western Sydney Airport project, we eagerly offered our support. The project’s requirement for meeting customised specifications within a short lead-time highlighted the critical need for a reliable and efficient solution. In response, we promptly supplied high strength orange marker layer geotextile, which was manufactured in longer rolls to facilitate quicker installation and reduce costs.

Efficient and fail-proof solution for Adaminaby Sewerage Treatment Plant using MastaTEX Concrete

The Project RD Miller Specialised Earthworks is a leading construction company that specialises in earthworks, site preparation and civil construction projects. The company was contracted to construct the Adaminaby Sewerage Treatment Plant in New South Wales and in turn reached out to Polyfabrics to supply the product needed for this project. The Challenge The design […]

Erosion prevention with Terramat PP5-10 Erosion Control Matting

Terramat PP5-10: The solution to prevent erosion and encourage vegetation growth in wetland projects. With 321% effectiveness and long-term sustainability, it’s the ideal choice.

Concrete on a roll for cost-effective industrial yard solutions

Narellan Pools needed to stabilize eroding rock slopes at their manufacturing facility in Picton, NSW, that were causing a hazard to valuable pool stock. Polyfabrics offered a solution with mastaTEX Concrete on a Roll, a cost-effective and low maintenance product made of concrete-sand mix embedded in geotextile.

Geotextiles for coastal applications

In many coastal environments, geosynthetics can provide robust and reliable long-term protection against issues such as scour, corrosion, mechanical erosion, dune erosion, as well as providing stability and protection during emergency works following storms and tropical cyclones.

What do I use to waterproof a retention pond?

Lining systems act as barriers within the geosynthetic families. The lining system will contain any liquid that is placed there, and hold it in place until it is either removed or evaporated.

How do I select which TRM I need?

A great blog on how to choose the right Turn Reinforcement Mat for your project.

Benefits of a TerraLock Twist Pin

Polyfabrics supplies the popular 200mm long TL-P1 anchor pin, designed to hold all types of erosion control and soil stabilisation blanket matting securely in place.

Geosynthetics: The key to rehabilitation of flood damaged roads and infrastructure

The Polyfabrics team works with road authorities, local Councils and construction contractors throughout Australia to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions for all types of flood rehabilitation projects.

Which geotextiles are ideal for drainage?

Both woven and non-woven geotextiles are used for a wide range of civil, construction, landscaping, erosion control and drainage applications, however, selecting the right product for the application is key to getting an excellent long-term result.

Modular Soil Vault System: mastaVAULT Mega Tree

An informative blog on our mastaVAULT Mega Tree product, the benefits of soil vault systems and it’s specifications.

What are turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) and how do they work?

A great blog explaining what turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) are, how they work and what types of TRMs PFA has to offer.

Flocculants and coagulants: what do they do?

The difference and purpose of Flocculants and Coagulants.

mastaTEX® Concrete Vs. Shotcrete

Let’s take a look at the differences between mastaTEX concrete and shotcrete, and which is the best solution for civil construction, landscaping and drainage applications.

TerraStop Silt Fence Grades Explained

An informative blog post on the types of silt fencing and the differences and uses for each.

What Geogrid should I use in my pavement?

An informative blog post on choosing the right Geogrid

Biaxial vs Triaxial vs Uniaxial Geogrids

There is a range of different geogrids available on the market, each suitable for different applications.

Tackling Erosion with mastaTEX® Concrete on a Roll

A great blog on what mastaTEX Concrete is, when to use it and how.

Fast and cost-effective hardstand construction in Dandenong

The bridge upgrade aims to deliver strengthening works underneath the bridge and will ultimately provide a stronger bridge that will last decades into the future.

Understanding strength at strain in geosynthetics

A informative blog post on understanding strength at strain in geosynthetics and how it could affect your project.

Geosynthetics for Bruce Highway/ Saltwater Creek Bridge Upgrade

The scope of works for this $103 million DTMR project includes the upgrade of 12 kilometres of the Bruce Highway including the construction of two new bridges

When to stabilise an embankment using biodegradable geosynthetics

This blog post explains when and how to stabilise an embankment using biodegradable geosynthetics

How to install TerraDrainⓇ for wall drainage applications

How to install TerraDrainⓇ for wall drainage applications

VicRoads Section 210 & 702: What can Polyfabrics supply?

To make it easy for our customers to find the right geosynthetics, the Polyfabrics team has broken these specifications down with a cross-reference of which products are suitable for different applications.

Biodegradable VS Permanent solutions for embankment rehabilitation

In this article, we take a look at the two most common approaches to rehabilitating an embankment and how to determine which is right for your project.

The best way to install geogrids for pavement reinforcing

Proper installation of geogrids is crucial for pavement reinforcement. Follow our guide for optimal results with E’GRIDⓇ and E’GRIDⓇ GT products. Consult experts for site-specific instructions.

Fast geogrid delivery keeps airport project moving

In 2019, Cessnock City Council applied for grant funding to upgrade the local airport to the value of over $6M.

The difference between jute and coir matting

Jute and coir are natural, biodegradable erosion control products. Jute is breathable, ideal for plant growth and weed suppression. Coir is strong, perfect for coastal and waterway applications. Polyfabrics has large stock and fast delivery Australia-wide.

How to install coir logs on embankments

Correctly installing your coir logs will ensure long term protection against erosion. This simple 4-step process is the recommended method of placing coir logs on slopes before planting out with vegetation.

Flood repair works using Geosynthetics

Flooding is an unavoidable natural occurrence. Although good design can go some way to improving the strength and durability of roads and embankments, there is often a significant amount of damage after flood events that can be rectified and managed with the use of geosynthetics.

Transport for NSW Specification R63 Made Easy

Choosing geotextiles that comply with this specification is an important part of delivering a successful project for your clients, so we’ve put together this guide to help you identify which Polyfabrics products comply with R63.

Your selection guide to geotextiles

Geotextiles are synthetic fabrics designed to reinforce soil and improve poor soil conditions. Used for a wide range of construction, drainage and landscaping applications.

Polyfabrics supports emergency bank stabilisation in Lithgow

Lithgow City Council needed to conduct temporary emergency works to protect a landslip from blocking the road over the busy Christmas holidays.

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