Exploring the Future of Soil Reinforcement: TerraGrid® High Strength Geogrid (HSG)

Discover TerraGrid® HSG, a high-strength geogrid engineered from high-tenacity PET yarns. It provides a greener, compliant, and economical solution for enhancing soil stability in various civil engineering applications.

Polyfabrics supports Georgiou Group’s Panorama Drive Upgrade Project

The Panorama Drive upgrade project faced challenges with drainage system upgrades on a busy road. Polyfabrics provided innovative solutions and logistical support to ensure timely delivery of compliant materials, contributing to the project’s successful completion.

Bridging the Gap with Regional Warehouses

Discover how Polyfabrics’ strategic network of regional warehouses across Australia ensures timely deliveries and efficient product distribution. Tailored to meet local requirements, these hubs exemplify our commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence

Polyfabrics Partners with Fulton Hogan on Walkerston Bypass Project

Our innovative TerraDrain® and FreDrain® Ultra solutions addressed water drainage, soil stabilisation, and waterproofing challenges posed by Queensland’s tough terrain. These solutions ensure the long-term success of this vital transportation infrastructure.

Echuca Stormwater Detention and Batter Stabilisation

Polyfabrics’ integration in Regional Victoria’s stormwater project showcased innovative management and batter stabilisation, offering sustainable solutions and setting a new benchmark in environmental project handling, ensuring both ecological integrity and infrastructural durability in urban development.

Strengthening Our Roads: The Unbeatable Benefits of Polyfabrics’ Road Tape

Discover Polyfabrics’ Road Tape – the ultimate solution for durable, eco-friendly road maintenance. Ideal for crack sealing and waterproofing, it’s key to safer, more resilient roads.

Wandana Gully Drainage Reserve Upgrade

Read how Polyfabrics helped transform Wandana Gully, with innovative erosion control and landscape design, using HDPE Eroweb and Tecmat products for stabilisation, ensuring a vibrant, safe community space and protecting local biodiversity.

Horse Ranch – Slope stability and erosion control with SeedMat TRM

Read how we successfully tackled slope stability and erosion control challenges at a horse ranch by utilising our SeedMat TRM. Instead of an expensive MSE retaining wall, we proposed lengthening the slope and installing the durable synthetic mat. This innovative solution resulted in significant cost savings, with expenses under $5,000 compared to the original estimate of over $50,000.

Modular Tanks vs Concrete Tanks: Which one should I choose?

When selecting a drainage system, concrete and modular tanks are primary choices. While concrete tanks offer durability, modular tanks, like Polyfabrics’ mastaTANK STM, boast eco-friendliness, a high void space ratio, and cost-effectiveness, making them an increasingly popular option for varied construction needs.

Tailored Bio Basin Solutions For Efficient Urban Development

Explore how Polyfabrics and Golding utilised the GEOmasta® Composite HDPE Bio-Liner for stormwater management in the Village, Stage 1 residential subdivision in Jimboomba. Discover how made-to-measure, cost-effective solutions can address unique challenges and promote environmental health in urban development projects.

Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of Geosynthetic Suppliers: Why Polyfabrics Australia Stands Out

Geosynthetics offer durable, cost-effective solutions in construction. Not all suppliers are equal. Polyfabrics excels with quality products, expert support, and industry commitment. Ensure your project’s success with the right choice.

Groundbreaking Australian Geogrid Research: Reinforcing Weak Subgrades and Enhancing Flexible Pavements

Unleash the power of geogrids! Our research proves their efficiency in reinforcing weak subgrades and enhancing flexible pavements. Save costs, distribute loads evenly, and experience the ultimate soil reinforcement solution. Explore more about this game-changing technique here.

Empowering success with Polyfabrics’ revolutionary Bio-liner

Discover how our innovative Bio-liner® HDPE composite liner played a pivotal role in transforming Johnstons Creek, ensuring the success of Sydney Water’s award-winning naturalisation project.

Stormwater management ponds at Deakin University

We were approached by our client to provide a solution for building a maintenance track to service the newly constructed stormwater management ponds at Deakin University. See how our EROWeb® geocell was the perfect choice.

Reinforce your asphalt with Geogrids: Cost-effective solution for longer-lasting roads, driveways, and parking lots

Asphalt is a popular material used in constructing roads, driveways and parking lots. However, over time, the asphalt can crack and become damaged, leading to costly repairs and maintenance. See how geogrids can be used to reinforce the soil and improve the stability of construction projects in this blog.

Choosing the right liner material: A comprehensive comparison of Geosynthetic Clay Liners VS Geomembranes

Geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) and Geomembranes are two popular materials used in the containment of hazardous waste and liquids. Both materials have their own unique features, benefits and drawbacks that make them suitable for different applications. Geosynthetic clay liners are a composite material consisting of a layer of sodium bentonite clay sandwiched between two layers […]

Maximising flexible pavement performance with Geogrids: A guide to effective subgrade/sub-base/soil reinforcement

An informative guide to effective subgrade/sub-case/soil reinforcement and how you can maximise flexible pavement performance.

Mastavault Megatree – Welsford Street Redevelopment

Greater Shepparton City Council is undertaking design and upgrade works to Welsford Street and the new design also included a full depth reconstructed road pavement designed to cater for the increased vehicle traffic volumes. See how our MastaVAULT Megatree was used in this project.

Preventing erosion with Geomasta Softrock Sand Containers

In Tweed River Shire, the Cudgeon Creek bank was being eroded which prompted the Tweed Shire Council to look for a solution. See how our Geomasta Softrock sand containers were used with this project to help with erosion control.

Lining existing drains for Mansfield Reservoir 3 Remediation Works

Polyfabrics Australia was involved in the Mansfield Reservoir 3 Remediation Works at Goulburn Valley Water. The project aimed to clean, reshape, and line existing drains that ranged from 1.5m – 6m wide x 350m long. The goal was to find a cost-effective and faster method of concreting the existing drains that would also reduce waste and installation time.

Moorebank Intermodal Project – Improving water quality with PFA’s expert solutions

Moorebank Intermodal is a major project that aims to enhance the rail transportation infrastructure in NSW and improve the efficiency and reliability of the rail network. However, Martinus Rail faced a significant challenge in preventing dirty water from getting into the drainage and ultimately into the Georges River.

How cellular confinement systems like EROWeb® are revolutionising soil reinforcement

A new blog from Polyfabrics on how cellular confinement systems like EROWeb® are revolutionising soil reinforcement. See how it improves soil stability as well as helping to improve soil quality.

Biodegradable coir products for Hornsby Quarry rehabilitation

The disused Hornsby Quarry North of Sydney is currently undergoing redevelopment to create an exciting new recreational area. To build this parkland, the Council had to manage the unique challenges of building on top of a sizable quarry void. Working with the team at Polyfabrics, the contractor used approximately 5000 square metres of TECmat Coir Mesh 700gsm, along with 200 metres of our ø200mm Ecolog Coir Logs.

Central Coast Council fixes drainage with Mastatex Concrete on a roll

Central Coast Council required a quick and affordable option for the planned swale drains alongside Old Maitland Rd, with traditional paving methods deemed unsuitable for the area. The Polyfabrics team assisted Central Coast Council with our mastaTEX Concrete on a Roll product. This easy-to-handle geotextile is impregnated with a concrete-sand mix that is simply rolled into place and then hydrated with water.

Fast Geosynthetic supply for Blacktown International Sportspark

The $100M Blacktown International Centre of Training Excellence is an ambitious project to deliver a world class multi-sports facility in the heart of Western Sydney. See how our mastaTEX® Hi Vis Layer was used for this project.

Terrastop® PP80 Woven Geotextile used for driveway subgrade improvement

The homeowners of a private residential area in Newcastle were looking to build a new carpark and driveway over soft ground. The Polyfabrics team was able to assist the contractor with a geosynthetic product that could deliver reinforcement properties to bridge the soft subgrade spots, and also act as a separation layer – all without breaking the bank.

Roadside slope reinforcement to protect from landslip risk

As part of the Victorian Government’s $115 million Inland Routes Program, several landslip sites will be reconstructed, stabilised, and retaining walls built, improving the strength of roads throughout Moyne Shire Council. See how our geogrids and jute mat was used to reinforce and stabilise these areas.

Quarry face earth buttress stabilisation for River Valley Stage 7D development

River Valley is a master-planned community located on the Maribyrnong river, with the Stage 7D tranche consisting of 10 lots earmarked for residential homes. The site sits alongside the retired quarry face, which required earth buttress stabilisation. Read why our TerraGrid® was chosen for this project.

Geogrid used in Greenfield Bridge Inn Road Upgrade

The Bridge Inn Road Upgrade project in Mernda aims to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow for motorists in Melbourne’s northeast. See how our team helped overcome the issue of the weak subgrade and low soil shear strength while still being able to construct the pavement on time and as per the design.

Spitfire Banks Drive, Pelican Waters – Landscape and Erosion

Spitfire Banks Drive is the main drive that will connect Central Park from the waterfront side of Pelican waters and is currently being constructed by Hall Contracting. Hall Contracting, in conjunction with Tectonic and Polyfabrics, selected the TerraStop® HS Woven 200/50 as the most suitable product to assist building a stable platform from which the piling rigs could operate.

Geosynthetics used in the Townsville Ring Road (Stage 5) project

The Townsville Ring Road Stage 5 project will deliver improved road safety, efficiency and travel time reliability for freight and passenger vehicles on the Bruce Highway in Townsville.  See how our geosynthetics was used in this project.

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